alforis is a two things really. It’s a place for us to collate some templates to try and help folks out with their cyber security journey and it’s a place for us to drop some thoughts on particular cyber security topics.

We’re hoping to reach those who have responsibility for cyber within their organisations along with perhaps a couple of other topics as well. I am thinking about all those IT operations folks who suddenly find themselves responsible for securing things as well, because security is an IT thing, right?

The content on the site is based on our experiences over the years. These include working in an advisory capacity, audit capacity as well as being the sole security guy in lots of different types of organisations. From that experience the key take away is that more often than not, simplicity wins out over complexity.

The main aim is to try and help you out with something cyber related if we can. Like many other things, there is probably lots of equally valid ways to achieve your aims with your cyber program. What we have here has worked for us in the past and is working for us now, but you should consider it only as suggestions. At the end of the day you will know what works for you far better than we ever well.

Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you find the site useful, drop us a line and say hello if get a chance.